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Fisher's Drawing Room Scrap Book, with Poetical Illustrations by L.E.L.

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Illustrations: engraving
Drawings and Prints, Metropolitan Museum of Art New York NY, Gift of Walter H. Smith 1935
Fisher, Son, and Jackson (Publisher) Title page portrait of Princess Alexandrina Victoria (Sitter) Title page portrait engraved by Thomas Woolnoth (Engraver) Title page portrait after Anthony Stewart (Artist) Portrait of Victoria, Duchess of Kent (Sitter) Princess Victoria engraved by Thomas Woolnoth (Engraver) Princess Victoria after painting by Henry Collen (Artist) Hannah More (Sitter) More portrait engraved by William Finden (Engraver) More portrait after painting by Henry William Pickersgill (Artist) John Philpot Curran (Sitter) Curran portrait engraved by Charles Eden Wagstaff (Engraver) Curran portrait after Sir Thomas Lawrence (Artist) George V, King of Hanover (Sitter) George V's portrait after George Lethbridge Saunders (Artist) George V's portrait engraved by Thomas Anthony Dean (Engraver) Thomas Allom (Designer) Samuel Austin (Designer) William Henry Bartlett (Designer) Thomas Mann Baynes (Designer) Harwood (Designer) George Cattermole (Draftsman) David Cox (Draftsman) John Henderson, I (Draftsman) George Pickering (Draftsman) Samuel Prout (Draftsman) William Purser (Draftsman) Clarkson Stanfield (Draftsman) Robert James Elliot (Draftsman) William Ellis (Draftsman) Painted by Copley Fielding (Artist) Painted by Frank Howard (Artist) Painted by Henry Meyer (Artist) Thomas Shotter Boys (Engraver) Robert Brandard (Engraver) William Bernard Cooke (Engraver) William John Cooke (Engraver) J. Davies (Engraver) Thomas Dixon (Engraver) Fenner & Co. (Engraver) William Finden (Engraver) W. Floyd (Engraver) Edward Goodall (Engraver) William Kelsall (Engraver) Joseph Wilson Lowry (Engraver) Henry Meyer (Engraver) William Miller (Engraver) W. Le Petit (Engraver) W. Taylor (Engraver) William Tombleson (Engraver) Robert William Wallis (Engraver)
Title: Fisher's Drawing Room Scrap Book, with Poetical Illustrations by L.E.L.
Illustrations: engraving.

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