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Shepherdess Resting (Noon)

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Department of Drawings Marguerite Sensier (by 1881). [Jacques Seligmann & Co. New York NY (by 1937-1940) sold February 27 1940]; to Edward M.M. Warburg New York NY (1940-1960) gift; to Fogg Art Museum 1960. Notes: 1. According to Alfred Sensier’s book “Jean-François Millet: Peasant and Painter” (1881; p. 82) the drawing was in the collection of Marguerite Sensier. Alfred Sensier died in 1877 and the book was completed and published posthumously. 2. It was initially thought that the drawing may have sold at the artist’s estate sale at Durand-Ruel Paris on April 25 1894 because Frits Lugt erroneously associated the drawing’s mark (L.1460) with this sale (see 2010 addenda to L.1460 and L.3728 at the Fondation Custodia online). 3. The drawing is listed as number 6632 in the following Jacques Seligmann & Co. stock catalogues (Jacques Seligmann & Co. archives Archives of American Art online): 1937-1938 1938-1939 1940-1941. The drawing may have been at Seligmann’s before 1937; it was sold in 1940. 4. In a letter to Edward M. M. Warburg dated February 29 1940 Jacques Seligmann & Co. confirms the full payment of the invoice dated February 27 for this Millet drawing. Harvard Art Museums/Fogg Museum Gift of Edward M. M. Warburg
Title: Shepherdess Resting (Noon)
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