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The Works of Horatio Walpole, Earl of Orford, vol. III

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Illustrations: stipple engraving engraving and etching
Drawings and Prints, Metropolitan Museum of Art New York NY, Gift of Harvey Smith 1981
Horace Walpole, 4th Earl of Orford (Author) Robert G. Berry (Editor) G. G. J. & J. Robinson (Publisher) J. Edwards (Publisher) Eleanor, Queen of England (Sitter) Henry III, King of England (Sitter) Henry V, King of England (Sitter) Catherine, Queen of England (Sitter) Henry VI, King of England (Sitter) Margaret, Queen of England (Sitter) Jan Gossart (called Mabuse) (Sitter) Henry VII, King of England and Lord of Ireland (Sitter) Elizabeth of York, Queen of England (Sitter) Hans Holbein the Younger (Sitter) Antonis Mor (Sitter) Joos van Cleve (Sitter) Edward Courtenary, Earl of Devon (Sitter) Cornelis Govertszoon Ketel (Sitter) Federico Zuccaro (Zuccari) (Sitter) Marcus Gheeraerts the Younger (Sitter) Hendrick (Cornelisz) Vroom (Sitter) Nicholas Hilliard (Sitter) Isaac Oliver (Sitter) Sir Nathaniel Bacon (Sitter) Paul van Somer (Sitter) Cornelius Janssen (Sitter) Daniel Mytens I (Sitter) Peter Oliver (Sitter) Henry Gyles (Sitter) Nicholas Stone I (Sitter) Nicholas Stone II (Sitter) Henry Stone (Sitter) Abraham van der Doort (Sitter) Sir Balthazar Gerbier (Sitter) Peter Paul Rubens (Sitter) Anthony van Dyck (Sitter) Cornelis van Poelenburch (Sitter) Hendrick van Steenwijck II (Sitter) George Jamesone (Sitter) William Dobson (Sitter) Gerrit van Honthorst (Sitter) Jan van Belcamp (Sitter) George Geldorp (Sitter) Orazio Gentileschi (Sitter) Edward Mascall (Sitter) Nicholas Lanier (Sitter) Frans Wouters (Sitter) Adriaen Hanneman (Sitter) Franz Cleyn (Sitter) Jean Petitot (Sitter) Sir Toby Matthew (Sitter) Johannes Torrentius (Sitter) Edward Pierce (Pearce) I (Sitter) Edward Pierce (Pearce) II (Sitter) Hubert Le Sueur (Sitter) Inigo Jones (Sitter) John Lambert I (Sitter) Robert Walker (Sitter) Isaac Fuller (Sitter) Robert Streater (Sitter) Jan Frans van Son (Sitter) Abraham Danielszoon Hondius (Sitter) Sir Peter Lely (Pieter van der Faes) (Sitter) John Greenhill (Sitter) John Baptist Gaspars (Sitter) Anne Killigrew (Sitter) Thomas Flatman (Sitter) Claude Lefèbvre (Sitter) John Hayls (Sitter) Antonio Verrio (Sitter) Gerard van Soest (Sitter) Gerard Edema (Sitter) Jan Griffier I (Sitter) Pieter Gerritsz. van Roestraten (Sitter) Willem van de Velde II (Sitter) Willem Wissing (Sitter) Samuel Cooper (Sitter) Richard Gibson (Sitter) Richard Gibson (Sitter) Mary Beale (Sitter) Charles Beale (Sitter) Caius Gabriel Cibber (Sitter) Grinling Gibbons (Sitter) Sir Christopher Wren (Sitter) Hugh Howard (Sitter) Jean Charles Delafosse (Sitter) Henry Tilson (Sitter) Jan Siberechts (Sitter) Sir Godfrey Kneller (Sitter) John Zacharias Kneller (Sitter) Jean-Baptiste Monnoyer (Sitter) Simon Du Bois (Sitter) Henry Cook (Sitter) John Riley (Sitter) Egbert Jasperszoon van Heemskerck I (Sitter) Pieter van der Meulen (Sitter) Anton Schoonjans (Sevonyans) (Sitter) Herbert Tuer (Sitter) Sir John Baptiste de Medina (Sitter) Godfried Schalcken (Sitter) Adriaen van Diest (Sitter) Francis Le Piper (Sitter) Jan Wyck (Sitter) Thomas Wijck (Sitter) Marco Ricci (Sitter) William Talman (Sitter) Sir Ralph Cole, 2nd Baronet (Sitter) Sebastiano Ricci (Sitter) Thomas Murray (Sitter) Charles Boit (Sitter) Sir John Vanbrugh (Sitter) Louis Laguerre (Sitter) Charles Jervas (Sitter) Bernard Lens II (Sitter) Michael Dahl (Sitter) Jonathan Richardson Sr. (Sitter) Sir James Thornhill (Sitter) Peter Monamy (Sitter) Peter Tillemans (Sitter) Enoch Seeman the Younger (Sitter) Antoine Watteau (Sitter) Jacques-Antoine Arlaud (Sitter) James Gibbs (Sitter) Charles Christian Reisen (Sitter) Philip Mercier (Sitter) George Lambert (Sitter) Thomas Worlidge (Sitter) William Hogarth (Sitter) Christian Friedrich Zincke (Sitter) Jean Etienne Liotard (Sitter) John Michael Rysbrack (Sitter) Louis François Roubiliac (Sitter) Laurent Delvaux (Sitter) Henry Herbert, 9th Earl of Pembroke (Sitter) Richard Boyle, 3rd Earl of Burlington (Sitter) William Kent (Sitter)
Title: The Works of Horatio Walpole, Earl of Orford, vol. III
Illustrations: stipple engraving engraving and etching.

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