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The Dam and Damrak, Amsterdam

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Department of Paintings Sculpture & Decorative Arts Willem Lormier 1754 The Hague sold [through his sale The Hague July 4 1763 lot 137]; to Balden. Collection Etienne François Choiseul-Stainville Duc de Choiseul et Ambroise (1719-1785) Paris sold [through J.F. Boileau Paris April 6-10 1772 lot 74 as “Van der Heiden”]; to [J.F. Bolieau] sold (?); to Dubois de Courval sold [through Folliot Delalande Fournier May 11 1789 lot. No. 10 as Jean Vander Heyden]. Aleksander Andreyevich Prince Bezborodko (1747 – 1799) Saint Petersburg 1783 (?) by descent; to his brother 1800 by descent; to Countess Liubov Il'inichna Kusheleva (née Bezborodko) (1783-1809) the daughter of Prince Bezborodko by descent; to Grigorii (1801-1855) her son as part of Collection Georg Count Kushelev-Bezborodko sold [through Durand-Ruel Paris June 5 1869 lot 4 as by Gérard Berkeyden]. Collection Edwards sold [through Hôtel Drouot Paris May 25 1905 lot 2 as “Un Quai à Amsterdam” by Gérard Berkheyden (Lugt 63248)] to Féral. [Julius Böehler Munich through James Loeb] [1] sold; to Paul Moritz Warburg (1868-1932) New York NY October 1909 by descent; to his son James P. Warburg (1896-1969); to Mr. and Mrs. Samuel B. Grimson (née Bettina Warburg sister of James P. Warburg) gift; to Fogg Art Musum 1968. Notes [1] James Loeb is a relative of Paul M. Warburg’s wife Nina J. Loeb. Harvard Art Museums/Fogg Museum Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel B. Grimson
Title: The Dam and Damrak, Amsterdam
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