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Every Saturday: An Illustrated Journal of Choice Reading, Vol. I, New Series

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Illustrations: wood engraving
Drawings and Prints, Metropolitan Museum of Art New York NY, Harris Brisbane Dick Fund 1930
Fields, Osgood & Co. (Publisher) George Henry Andrews (Illustrator) Hippolyte Bellangé (Illustrator) Jean-Baptiste Bertrand (Illustrator) Hammatt Billings (Illustrator) Karl Bodmer (Illustrator) William Bouguereau (Illustrator) George Henry Boughton (Illustrator) Basil Bradley (Illustrator) William Paton Burton (Illustrator) Edward Frederick Brewntall (Illustrator) Edwin Buckman (Illustrator) Charles Green Bush (Illustrator) Felix Octavius Carr Darley (Illustrator) Paul (Hippolyte) Delaroche (Illustrator) Edwin Thomas Dolby (Illustrator) Godefroy Durand (Illustrator) George Du Maurier (Illustrator) Mary Ellen Edwards (Illustrator) Alfred Elmore (Illustrator) Sol Eytinge Jr. (Illustrator) Thomas Faed (Illustrator) Luke Fildes (Illustrator) Paul Gavarni [Chevalier] (Illustrator) Jean-Léon Gérôme (Illustrator) Sir John Gilbert (Illustrator) Jean-Baptiste Greuze (Illustrator) Carl Haag (Illustrator) Sydney Prior Hall (Illustrator) Ernst Hartmann (Illustrator) Lionel Charles Henley (Illustrator) William John Hennessy (Illustrator) Sir Hubert von Herkomer (Illustrator) Winslow Homer (Illustrator) Augustus Hoppin (Illustrator) Arthur Boyd Houghton (Illustrator) Arthur Ackland Hunt (Illustrator) Frederick Yeates Hurlstone (Illustrator) William Smith Jewett (Illustrator) Francis Wilfred Lawson (Illustrator) George Dunlop Leslie (Illustrator) Hamilton Macallum (Illustrator) Robert Walker Macbeth (Illustrator) Charles James Mathews (Illustrator) Walter William May (Illustrator) Ernest Meissonier (Illustrator) Adolphe Mouilleron (Illustrator) Thomas Nast (Illustrator) Hugh Patterson (Illustrator) John Pettie (Illustrator) Sir Edward John Poynter (Illustrator) Paul Alexandre Protais (Illustrator) Katharine Pyle (Illustrator) Gustav Karl Ludwig Richter (Illustrator) Matthew White Ridley (Illustrator) Briton Riviere (Illustrator) Henry Benjamin Roberts (Illustrator) Thomas Charles Leeson Rowbotham (Illustrator) William Ludwell Sheppard (Illustrator) Frederick John Skill (Illustrator) William Small (Illustrator) Frans Snyders (Illustrator) Clarkson Stanfield (Illustrator) Charles Joseph Staniland (Illustrator) Frederick Tayler (Illustrator) Gordon Thomson (Illustrator) Francis William Topham (Illustrator) Friedrich Johann Voltz (Illustrator) Frederick Walker (Illustrator) Edwin Ward (Illustrator) John Dawson Watson (Illustrator) Alfred Rudolf Waud (Illustrator) Charles Harvey Weigall (Illustrator) Harrison William Weir (Illustrator) Henry Woods (Illustrator) Josiah Wood Whymper (Illustrator) William Frederick Yeames (Illustrator) Johann Baptist Zwecker (Illustrator) John Andrew & Son (Engraver) Andrew Varick Stout Anthony (Engraver) John Parker Davis (Engraver) Charles Anderson Ferrier (Engraver) John Filmer (Engraver) John J. Harley (Engraver) Horace Harral (Engraver) Samuel Smith Kilburn (Engraver) William James Linton (Engraver) William Frederick Measom (Engraver) William H. Morse (Engraver) George Pearson (Engraver) Russell & Richardson (Engraver) J. Robert (Engraver) Charles Roberts (Engraver) Edward Sears (Engraver) Joseph Swain & Son (Engraver) William Luson Thomas (Engraver)
Title: Every Saturday: An Illustrated Journal of Choice Reading, Vol. I, New Series
Illustrations: wood engraving.

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