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Παρέα στην Ακρογιαλιά

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Library of Cyprus University of Technology
Title: Παρέα στην Ακρογιαλιά
Description not available.

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Saint George
Saint George
By Ioannis (John) Kornarou (1745-1812). Icon. Oil on wood 26.5 x 20 cm A small icon of Saint George. Little is known about Kornarou. He was of the Cretan School of art and painte...
The Resurrected Christ
The Resurrected Christ
Unknown artist. Oil on wood An antique piece by an unknown artist portraying Christ in a way commonly used to symbolize His resurrection. Ο « Αναστάς Ιησούς ». Ελαιογραφία πάνω...

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