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Album containing prints clipped from British and American 19th century periodicals

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Etching engraving lithography mezzotint watercolor
Drawings and Prints, Metropolitan Museum of Art New York NY, Gift of Margaretta W. Salinger 1980
(1) Illman and Sons (Publisher) (2,4,8,12,18,23, 30,38,48,52,62,72,87) John Rogers (Engraver) (2, 4) after A. M. Huffam (Artist) (4) Joseph Robins (Publisher) (5) after John Hayter (Artist) (5) Rawdon, Wright, Hatch & Edson, New York (Publisher) (6) William E. Tucker (Engraver) (6) after François Grenier (Artist) (6) Key & Biddle, Philadelphia (Publisher) (7, 47) Joseph Napoleon Gimbrede (Engraver) (8) after William Owen (Artist) (10,32,41,65,78, 111) Archibald L. Dick (Engraver) (10) after Fanny Jemima Corbould (Artist) (11,15,27,37,41) John Sartain (Engraver) (11) after Franz Xaver Winterhalter (Artist) (12) after Arthur William Devis (Artist) (13) Edward James Portbury (Artist) (13, 97) after John Massey Wright (Artist) (15, 65) after Robert Farrier (Artist) (16, 70, 77, 84, 89, 97) Charles Heath, the elder (Engraver) (16, 29, 41, 77, 84) after Philip Francis Stephanoff (Artist) (17) John Cheney (Engraver) (17) after Thomas Sully (Artist) (18) after A. M. Huffam (Artist) (19) Robert William Wallis (Engraver) (19, 61) after Joseph Mallord William Turner (Artist) (20) Edward James Portbury (Engraver) (20) after Henry Corbould (Artist) (21) Frederick A. Heath (Engraver) (21) after Eliza Sharpe (Artist) (22) Henry Thomas Ryall (Engraver) (22) after Edmund Thomas Parris (Artist) (23) after Paul Émile Destouches (Artist) (24) William Greatbach (Engraver) (24) after Thomas Stothard (Artist) (25) Cephas Grier Childs (Engraver) (25) after Henry Corbould (Artist) (26) Joseph Ives Pease (Engraver) (27) after Thomas Crane (Artist) (29) John B. Forrest (Engraver) (30) after Henry William Pickersgill, R.A. (Artist) (31) William John Cooke (Engraver) (31) after William Daniell (Artist) (32) after Frederick Catherwood (Artist) (33, 99) Charles Rolls (Engraver) (33) after John Wood (Artist) (34) Thomas Hollis (Engraver) (34) after Richard Westall (Artist) (37) after Edouard-Alexandre Odier (Artist) (39) Stephen Henry Gimber (Engraver) (39) after Octavius Oakley (Artist) (40) James Barton Longacre (Engraver) (40) after James Northcote (Artist) (40) Eliakim Littell (Publisher) (41) after Philip Francis Stephanoff (Artist) (43) after John Bostock (Artist) (44) John B. Neagle (Engraver) (44) after Robert Farrier (Artist) (46) Peter S. Duval (Lithographer) (46) after Albert Newsam (Artist) (52) after Ary Scheffer (Artist) (53) George Parker (Engraver) (53) after Sir Martin Archer Shee (Artist) (54) after William Goodacre (Artist) (54, 59, 64, 69) engraved and printed by Fenner, Sears & Co. (Printer) (56) engraved by Alexander Lawson (Engraver) (56) after William Sidney Mount (Artist) (57) Robert William Wallis (Engraver) (57) after William Henry Bartlett (Artist) (58) Samuel Sartain (Engraver) (58) after John Philip Davis (Artist) (59, 63, 69) after Charles W. Burton (Artist) (59, 63, 69) Isaac Taylor Hinton (Publisher) (61) engraved by William Finden (Engraver) (62) after John Massey Wright (Artist) (62, 66) George Virtue (Publisher) (63) Joseph Andrews (Engraver) (63, 78) after Alfred Edward Chalon (Artist) (64) Simpkin, Marshall & Co. (Publisher) (66) Samuel Lacey (Engraver) (66, 70) after William Henry Bartlett (Artist) (68) Thomas Kelly (Engraver) (68) after Henry James Richter (Artist) (69) Jennings & Chaplin, London (Publisher) (70, 84) Charles Heath, the elder (Engraver) (71) Illman & Pilbrow (Engraver) (72) after John Massey Wright (Artist) (73) A. W. Graham (Engraver) (73) after Alfred Vickers (Artist) (75) Doolittle and Munson, Cincinnati (Publisher) (75) M. Lyons & Co., Phildelphia (Engraver) (76) G. E. Price (Engraver) (76) after Alexander Chisholm (Artist) (79) after Alexander Jackson Davis (Artist) (79, 81) engraved and printed by Fenner, Sears & Co. (Printer) (79) Jennings & Chaplin, London (Publisher) (79, 81z0 I. T. Hinton, & Simpkin & Marshall (Publisher) (81) after William Goodacre (Artist) (82) William H. Ellis (Engraver) (83) William Wallis (Engraver) (83) after Samuel Prout (Artist) (85) after Daniel Maclise (Artist) (87) after Bartolomé Estebán Murillo (Artist) (88) T. Flemming (Engraver) (89) after Sir Edwin Henry Landseer (Artist) (93) F. Humphrys (Engraver) (93) after James Holmes (Artist) (94, 114) after Carle (Charles André) Vanloo (Artist) (95) Richard Sly (Engraver) (95) William Darton & Son, London (Publisher) (96) Alfred Jones (Engraver) (96) after Joseph Beaume (Artist) (97) after Moritz Retzsch (Artist) (97) Hurst, Robinson & Co. (Publisher) (98) John B. Neagle (Engraver) (98, 110) after William Croome (Artist) (99) after Thomas Uwins (Artist) (100) Francis Kearny (Engraver) (100) after William Frederick Witherington (Artist) (102) after Gilbert Stuart (Artist) (102) printed and published by Illman & Company (Publisher) (105) H. E. Tripler (Engraver) (105) after Frédéric Schopin (Artist) (107) after Jacques Louis David (Artist) (108) William G. Armstrong (Engraver) (108) after William B. Chambers (Artist) (110) Benjamin W. Thayer (Lithographer) (111) after John Frederick Lewis (Artist) (111) G. Dearborn, New York (Publisher) (118) John M. Butler (Printer)
Title: Album containing prints clipped from British and American 19th century periodicals
Etching engraving lithography mezzotint watercolor.

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